Despair’s top 10 music picks

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Well, recently my dad reminded me of my blog, and this being my third time forgetting about it, swore to myself that I would bring it back! (yay?)

Anyway, to start this off. This will be my top 10 favorite songs. A few with extra info, such as my favorite song to play on the guitar, my favorite gaming song, and so on.


Ghost of Steven Foster – Squirrel Nut Zippers

I had a hard time trying to decide the first one, but after searching through my music, i remembered this gem.


Just a day – Feeder


Jars – Chevelle


Pump it up – Elvis Costello

Notice that I listen to many different things at this point.


500 Miles – Less Than Jake


Harder Better Faster Stronger (Alive 2007 edition) – Daft Punk

No shitty Kanye West covers here, 100% new daft punk.


La Femme D’Argent – Air

Note the footage in the video is from a street car in 1905, cruising down a street in San Francisco before the 1906 fire and earthquake.


Rock N’ Roll Train – AC/DC

My favorite song to play on the guitar, mostly because it’s ACDC.

NUMBER TWO!!!!!!!!!:

Duke Nukem – Megadeth

Probably the best song to play sports or games too. The guitar riff pumps adrenaline into me for some reason.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…
NUMERO UNO!!!!!!!!!!:

Dead. On. Arrival.(DOA) – Foo Fighters

No real reason, just my favorite Foo song.

Thanks for checkin out this blog, hopefully you found a song you like.


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Modern Warfare 2 – My Review

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Anyway, today i’d like to point out the good and bad side of Modern Warfare 2 (MW2)

Lets start with Single player.

In the single player, you take off 5 years after the events of Call of Duty 4. This time, you take place as four characters, instead of the usual two. At first, you’re Pvt. Joseph Allen, in Afghanistan. Next, you’re Sgt. Gary “Roach” Sanders in Russia, after that you play as Pvt. James Ramirez in Washington DC, Finally, you get to play as John “Soap” MacTavish again.

The combat in the single player was believable but not completely realistic, as soldiers don’t just go running off into enemy lines blasting away on fully automatic hoping they actually hit someone. A few weapons introduced in the campaign didn’t make the cut for multiplayer, such as the Colt 45, and the Dragonuv. Although, weapons such as the M4a1 were portrayed as the way they should be.
The bad parts of the campaign:

How unrealistic some cut scenes were, just added a false sense of humor to the game. Such as the EMP over Washington DC. The station was in space, there is no oxygen in space. Therefore, the explosion should not of done that to the ship or the astronaut (R.I.P Sat 1, lost in space somewhere.)

Also, the references to movies were quite cheesy, such as when Cpt.MacTavish tackles the guy through the window and onto the car, I really thought that was bad.

The final flaw i saw in it, was when Shephard tossed his cigar on the gas covered bodies of Ghost and Roach, it shouldn’t have ignited the gas like that.

What can I say? It was half assed. Aside from the 22 extra kill streaks, the gameplay went wrong in so many ways, such as when you load a guy with a clip and a half of an ACR, he just gets up and shoots you in the foot with his SCAR-H and you’re DEAD.

Again, over powered weaponry really added to this games style. Back in COD4, it was all about run and gun. Now, it’s all about camping and tactics. I often find myself trying to run and gun, thinking im still back in COD4, when in reality I’m playing the new “awesome” MW2.
Oh, don’t even get me started on how over powered the Chopper Gunner is, it’s cool and all. But really, when you’re on Wasteland and theres NO cover, getting a tactical nuke is too simple.

Speaking of tactical nukes, i can’t even tell you how many prestige hackers I’ve met who use the nuke symbol to intimidate the newbs who don’t know about the hack. “Oh, i’m in 10th prestige, i have an AK47 with extended mags. CHECK OUT MY AWESOME NUKE AVATAR. HELL YEAH!!!”

Real nice.

Finally, the last rant about Multiplayer would be the lack of Dedicated server for the PC, almost no voice chat on the Xbox, and the need to get a host every %$#@ing 30 seconds. They put no effort into fixing these problems as well. Now the PC has aimbots all over the place, the Xbox has crying little kids who shouldn’t be playing the game, and the PS3 has prestige hackers. Oh yeah, and when you call in your airstrike, and the game needs a new host, it just flies by dropping it’s load over the enemies, but failing to kill them through the loading screen.

The ratings!!!

Singleplayer: 8/10
The singleplayer lacked a few things, and didn’t need to kill off the best character in the game (Ghost). Aside a few cheesy parts, fighting in Washington D.C, Russia, and Afghanistan, was pretty damn cool.

Multiplayer: only a half assed 4/10.
Yeah, the multiplayer really kind of sucks. Whenever Infinity Ward tries to throw in a patch, all they do is $#@% up another thing (*cough* unlimited ammo glitch *cough*) Most of the time I find myself dead on the ground every match, from either an aimbotter/wallhacker. Or even a regular player running around with duel winchester shotguns, blasting everyone within a 50 foot radius.

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Im back. (n0 wai)

June 18, 2008 at 5:04 am (Uncategorized)

Yeah… i totally forgot i had a blog… its sad but true.but still. ill keep posting garrysmod news.

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How to skin for Gmod9

August 18, 2006 at 7:22 pm (Gaming, Garry’s Mod, Steam)

Well, say your skinning G-Man. You go to the Gmod9 materials folder, then go to the models folder in that. You then see if there is a G-Man folder in there. If there is, great. If not, make a folder called “G-Man”.Then you paste the original VMT of the thing you are posting(which you probaly got when you extracted the character’s folder) and your new VTF into the folder named after your character.Then, you simply spawn “G-Man” in game, and there you have it!Any questions?Oh, and when i say G-man, it could mean any character that you have skinned.

Getting skins ingame – Facepunch Studios

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Valve steam Updates!

June 28, 2006 at 7:18 pm (Gaming, News, Steam)

G-Mod – Home

Since nobody wrote anything about the latest steam updates, I’m gonna just wrap it all together.

Collective Updates since June 17:

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

* Players now respawn with a small amount of invincibility to prevent spawn camping
* Weapon bindings can now be configured from the UI
* Added a timeleft command
* Added a mp_restartgame command
* Added a sv_report_client_settings command. If server logging isenabled, setting this server variable to 1 will log the cl_cmdratecommand from the client’s machine
* Fixed an exploit with the shotgun reload
* Fixed an exploit with the gravitygun being able to move objects very quickly
* Fixed an exploit where certain players could hide and shoot from some objects
* Fixed an exploit where players could move around very fast if they suicide with a box on their head

Red Orchestra

* Added two new weapons: the MP41 submachine gun for the Germans and the M44 rifle, with permanent bayonet, for the Soviets
* Added French language files and updated the German language files (including a German game manual)
* Numerous map changes, optimizations, and improvements, including a visual overhaul to Arad
* Added base code for flying and hover vehicles into the engine for mod teams
* Updated armor and penetration values for the Tiger, T-60 and SU-76, and increased the power of the Tiger’s 88mm main gun
* Optimized memory usage and decreased map load times
* Fixed the “Gray Sniper Scope” bug
* Fixed a bug related to Steam logins expiring
* Fixed a bug in the tank penetration system
* Fixed “Blank Firing” weapon bugs
* Fixed a Recoil issue

SiN Episodes: Emergence

* Added Arena Mode
* Added 4 Arena Mode Maps (Highrise Lobby, The Office, Turbine, U4 Processing Station)
* Exposed some additional statistics from the Personal Challenge System
* Updated manual with additional troubleshooting information, Arena Mode documentation
* Minor asset rearrangement required for upcoming SDK release
* Fixed issue where “Pipes & Crates, Inc.” phone message would not play
* Fixed visual issue with Elexis hologram on some DirectX 7 cards
* Fixed issue where security bots could not be damaged from certain locations in Highrise
* Fixed some closed captions
* Fixed minor issues with U4 Lab 02
* Miscellaneous bug fixes

The Ship: Source

* Began Preloading – Buy now and save $5.00!
(Don’t know what The Ship: Source is? Either check the official site or Play the original mod!.)

You see i dont get where they want us to understand “Spending 20 buck on day of defeat source” but i do see why they updated it!

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Photoshop Friend Or Foe?

June 25, 2006 at 7:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Some people believe Photoshop is the best of all paint programs.People use it for editing pictures.Making Speech bubbles.And sometimes even making drawings.Sadly yet i descoverd The GIMP can do everything photoshop can NOTICE this has been done with The GIMP! this image was made by Madmillion at

MadMillion said:"Just messing around with GIMP." Here's the link:

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I luv cowbell

June 25, 2006 at 6:51 pm (Uncategorized)

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June 25, 2006 at 6:44 pm (Gaming, Garry’s Mod, Steam)

Garry’s Mod – News

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Garry's – Official site launched!

June 25, 2006 at 6:42 pm (Gaming, Garry’s Mod, Steam)

G-Mod – News


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